NGC 7000 and IC 5070 in Cygnus (Two Frames Mosaic)

Ldn 978 Dark Nebula in Cygnus

ctb-1 in Cassiopeia

Sh2-134 Widefield (Two frames mosaic)

Dusty Clouds in Scorpio

IC 4065 New Year in Scorpio 

Merope´s Dust Storm

The "Merry" Christmas Tree New Process 2012

IC 5070 Central Area Crop

Sh2-134 + B170 complex in Cepheus

M33- Nucleus detail

M33- Galaxy

Gamma Cassiopeia

The Flamming Star Nebula, Horsehead Nebula and IC 434

The Christmas Tree Nebula detail

The Christmas Tree Nebula

LBN 534 detail

VdB 158 + LBN 534 in Andromeda-Cassiopeia

IC 348 Star forming region in Perseus

LDN 673 Dark Nebula in Aquila

M78 in Orion

VdB 152 + LBN 538 Nebular complex in Cepheus

M31 Andromeda Galaxy

M17 Eagle Nebula

M17 Eagle Nebula detail (Pillars of Creation)

M45 The Pleiades 

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