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Antonio Cabanillas y Gómez de Villar

Me in my last travel to Iceland 2012
I was born in Badajoz, a small town in the southwest of Spain in August 1959. It lived there during my childhood and studied... and did the degree course in medicine and surgery.

In my Childhood I was addicted to a television serie of the 1960s called "Lost in space". It was the best time of the week, watching that science fiction program starred in front of the TV, with my friends.

In 1969 when I was 10 years old, I lived with emotion, powered by my parents, the Apollo XI moon landing. During my youth I felt passion for the books of Isaac Asimov. When I read the trilogy of "The Foundations", for the first time, I really felt that I was there. My dream was to be on that point in the future of civilization. Asimov´s books of popular science, in particular "The Universe" and "The Tragedy of the Moon" caused in me a great impact. Without give me account I had become passionate about science fiction, space travel, and the universe. With this background, it is not surprising that as soon as I got some money, I bought my first telescope. Visual observation was rewarding and exciting time of emotion. I soon learned how to walk through celestial routes... and understand that I want more.

At the II National Congress of Spanish Astrophotographers celebrated in Ager-Lleida (Spain) in 2008, I met William Alvarez, who boosted and drove my dream to come more far, introducing me directly in the DSLR and CCD Astrophotography bussines.

My first CCD camera was a QHY 8, with which I learned a lot and also got some relisence to frustration. You could already see more things but the quality was not good.

One day "I jumped into the pool" and bought a STL11000 and an FSQ 106 taka and this was the explosion of a supernova!.!.! This was the beginning of a long road of personal growth into the passion of Astrophotography, that and I hope will ever end.

Actually I share this beautiful hobby with William in our operations site in Hoyos del Espino (Ávila), a small village in the Centre of Spain at 1475 meters above sea level in the Gredos National Park.

Since a year ago, we are also working with an ASA N10 optical system that enables multiple configurations, enjoying all the fun of getting beautiful pictures that we want to share.

We hope that you will enjoy this astroblog, and would feel free to contact with us for any question and feedback, in the great hope that we all should look to the night sky with the eyes of childs.

William Álvarez

Me and my Astrodogs
I was born in Germany in july 1967 and lived there till 1978 when my family came back to Spain. After high scholl I got a degree in Economics and a Master in Public Finance.

Since I was a child I was amazed by the night sky and became an little observer with my first binos exploring the Milky Way and the Starry Night. My favorite TV series were "Star Trek" and "Alpha Eins".
In 2006, I got the oportunity to begin to do astrophotography with an DSLR camera and a scope in my own backyard in an little village near Santiago de Compostela, were I actually live.

After this beginning, in 2007 I jumped into CCD Astrophotgraphy with an QHY8 cooled astrocamera participating actively in the QHY forum with my nickname Planck_Division.

From this period I remenber how strong the initial learning curve to got right Astropics really is, but also all the people who helped me and the rewarding feedback I got to push foreward with the demandings of this passionated long life hobby. Thanks to all.

You can see all my topics started in QHY forum at the next link in you want:


In 2008, I met Antonio Cabanillas in Ager-Lleida at the II National Congress of Spanish Astrophotographers. Since then we are undertaken an extraordinary collaborative experience, putting together knowledge and passion in the long road of CCD-monochrome Astrophotography.

With this Astroblog we will share with all the Astro community our experience, hoping you will feel free to contact with us for any question and feedback.